Independent Validation and Testing

In today’s global economy, enterprises and ISVs must focus on delivering higher quality software products while keeping costs in check. Testing throughout an application’s lifecycle helps achieve those goals but high-profile failures can still occur. To manage risks more effectively, industry leaders partner with Silas IT to validate software and to increase the predictability of software quality.

While most businesses acknowledge the importance of testing, few are able to do the breadth and depth of testing necessary to identify the elusive and intermittent errors occurring in complex environments. Silas’s IT CMMi5 processes, well-defined metrics and transparent reporting, enable clients to reduce customer support incidents, manage budgets more effectively, and build sustainable quality levels into their products. Our proprietary PROVEN™ testing methodology uses automation frameworks and innovative solutions to guarantee superior software quality.

We have worked with other software development partners in the past, but Silas IT is in a league of its own in terms of precision, skill, thoroughness and lightning-fast turnaround. Silas IT had the internal processes and engineering talent to get our software projects up and running smoothly within two months, while competitive bidders estimated six to eight months to complete the same work.

Leverage Expert Resources
Silas’s IT Independent Verification and Validation practice is a critical part of our Center for Quality Excellence (CQE) which ensures best practices. When you hire Silas IT, you get instant access to a “Core” team of experts whose specialized knowledge of particular test methods, business domains and compliance standards exactly match your unique requirements. The Core team is supported by a “Flex” team that dynamically scales to fit individual projects. Using Core-Flex teams, Silas IT helps clients reduce time-to-market and maximize ROI.

Whether you are building applications for web, desktop, mobile, cloud or a combination, Silas IT can help ensure they run as well in the field as they do in the lab. Clients commonly hire us to help with:

  • Risk management including defect prevention, requirements prioritization, validation and documentation, and early defect detection
  • Test consulting including test strategy, test process standardization, CQE assessments, and test lab or center of excellence setup
  • Functional testing including unit, system, integration, user acceptance, and parallel tests
  • Non-functional testing spanning performance, localization, compatibility, usability, security, and regression tests
  • Compliance testing including FDA, HIPAA, PCI and SOX
  • Automation of functional and performance tests
  • Specialized testing such as cloud readiness, device-based, mobile, embedded, and package-based testing for ERP suites including SAP and Oracle

If you want to achieve comprehensive test coverage as product lifecycles continue to shrink and technologies change, partner with Silas IT. You will get the expertise and resources you need to stay a step ahead of the competition.